ChamberFest Season 7

ChamberFest Cleveland 2018
Season 7


Freedom is more than an abstract concept, more than a buzzword on today’s tumultuous political scene. It’s one of the most essential ingredients in the creative enhancement of the human spirit. Musically, it’s embodied in the free fantasia of imagination that every composer brings to the task of creation. While discipline, through meticulous notation and instrumentation, is employed to bring that vision to fruition, it’s the original concept that holds sway, from inception to performance.

ChamberFest’s Season 7, “In Search of Freedom,” explores the mind-boggling range of freedom in music, with nine concerts in a variety of traditional and innovative venues, including Mixon Hall, the Crawford Rotunda at The Cleveland History Center, Reinberger Chamber Hall at Severance Hall, the Maron Glass Box, and the magnificent Maltz Performing Arts Center.

“The search for freedom can be a complex and crazy journey that we all need to chart,” says ChamberFest co-founder Franklin Cohen. “We take a glimpse into our composers’ hearts and souls as they engage in their own personal struggles and joys.”